Refund policy

SC LUKKARAL SRL will offer a refund or a full exchange if you receive a defective product or you are dissatisfied with an item received under the following conditions:

If any item in your order proves to be defective, please return the items to SC LUKKARAL SRL with a copy of the delivery note; call the SC LUKKARAL SRL customer service team to get a number of returns and also , indicate whether you would like to receive a refund or exchange.

Our promise to replace the item or refund the money does not apply to defects or damage caused by accident, negligence or misuse.

If you change your mind, you can return any product to SC LUKKARAL SRL unopened and in perfect condition, within 14 days of receipt of delivery:

For online orders, a refund can be requested within 14 days.

A change can only be requested for purchases made in our showrooms within 15 days of purchase.

Contact the SC LUKKARAL SRL customer service team to obtain a number of returns, include the reason why the product was returned and indicate if you want to receive a refund (excluding the initial delivery fee) or an exchange.

Except for defective or improper goods, if your legal rights are not affected, custom goods made to customer specifications cannot be returned.

For more details on returning the purchase to an SC LUKKARAL SRL store, please see the back of the delivery note. In all cases you must obtain a number of returns by contacting the SC LUKKARAL SRL customer service team. This will ensure that we can follow the return process in detail.