How to ....

How to ....

Hi and welcome to my personal blog!

I would like to dedicate my blog to all the people that have an unfulfilled dream, to those people that live behind a career that does not make them happy; to those people who fall asleep at night with a bitter taste...

I was a regular child, from a regular family, nothing out of ordinary. I wasn't the best kid in any filed, nobody asked me, as I can remember: what do you want to become when you grow up? On the contrary, I've been oscillating in twelve years of school, between becoming the Romanian Ambassador in Japan and later, becoming a lawyer. None of these two things were meant to be, and in the end I ended up at the Faculty of Foreign Languages where I have studied English-Japanese. 

Then, like many others, I ended up in a multinational company, working in Logistics Department. Nicely done, isn't it? Nothing that I've been dreaming of, learnt, prepared me for Logistics. In 2004, in Romania, the multinational company' dream made everybody crazy. If you weren't working in one you were a looser. Only between those walls the new world was created, only there you had calls, meetings, went in business trips and foremost you had the opportunity to go on business trips. 

But I woke up after three years and started to dream a beautiful dream. I remember that I loved painting; that I had a drawing teacher, and this teacher was a director at the Museum of Visual Arts from Galati, my home town, and he used to take us three times per week at his museum, where he would teach us how to paint while paying the piano for us.

I have forgotten his name and his face, but I remember he had gray hair and he was speaking to us with a soft voice. I was happy there, there was nothing that I needed, everything I wanted was to paint.  

After a while I wanted to learn how to sew, so I enrolled to Pioneer House, where we had sewing machines, but no other materials like threads, fabrics etc. So we were given a peace of paper, on which they learnt us how to sew straight, without a thread.  

During high school I was very annoyed by the fact that all girls had more or less the same clothes. In a small town you did not have that much variety and no matter what you did, you'd still end up wearing the same outfit as other two-three girls. So I went to kids's department stores and as I was quite thin, I would buy clothes from there. I then came home with them, modify them and expose my new outfits to the world. It didn't last long until my friends discovered my secret and all school started to wear the "uniform" from kids' department store.


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To be continued....

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